SDGs explained with concrete business cases

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) explained with real-life business cases. 

Course created in partnership with SDG Monitor.
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  • 3 hours
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  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Personal take-aways
  • Real-life business cases
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Know your SDGs

Learn the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from government, business and individual level perspectives. Align your sustainability strategy with the SDGs.
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Learning outcomes

  • 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) explained one-by-one
  • 20 Videos, 95 minutes 
  • Real-life business cases per each SDG 
  • Insightful personal take-aways per each SDG
  • Roadmap for 17 SDGs 
  • Extensive list of sources
This is the only E-learning course you need to understand what the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are all about and how companies and organizations can contribute to meet Agenda 2030. In this course you get an overview of each SDG supported by concrete business cases and personal take-aways. Discover how Ocean Cleanup, Visa, Vodafone, Tesla and other companies contribute to the SDGs! Multiple industries covered.

We are fully aware that businesses are not perfect but we have chosen projects, innovations and technologies with positive impacts that we want to bring forward to you. After this course you are ready to apply your knowledge of the SDGs to your company's sustainability strategy and reporting. Get inspired and learn more in this course! 

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Meet the instructorS

Course instructors

Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu
M.Sc. (Econ.) Marketing, Content creation,
Communication and Data Visualization
Former OECD official having a background in digital solutions development and implementation projects coordination. Impact focused Sustainability Specialist passionate about managing sustainability data and measuring performance. Data visualization, transparency and efficient communication practices are the keys in engaging stakeholders and helping companies in achieving their sustainability goals. Featured in CNBC Squawk Box UK and WomenTech Network global conferences 2021 and 2022.
Vilma Catani
M.Sc. Data Science in Engineering, Methodologies, Calculators and Digital Tools
Having studied data science in engineering, my technical background has helped in developing current and future methodologies and functionalities of the SDG Monitor. I believe that data, measuring performance of sustainability actions, and transparent communication are the main enablers of any sustainability initiative. I still love taking online courses and learning at my own pace. Join our SDG Monitor Online Community.


"Creating inclusive reports like this are still something yet to happen in my industry here in my country (Bangladesh). This course has helped me truly visualize the direction I need to take with my team for an actionable, transparent and comparable report devoid of greenwashing through and through."
"E-learning course was extremely helpful in organizing and prioritizing the data relevant to my business. It is a compact and efficient way to write a sustainability plan that is both impactful, easy to use and train to staff and communicate to stakeholders. I highly recommend the e-learning course to entrepreneurs and small business operators - great value of both time & money!"
"The e-learning webinar I attended was very helpful; particularly enjoyed the visual accompaniment (graphs, infographics etc.) which were sent to us after the webinar, and the fruitful Q&A in the comments. I think the webinar was structured and delivered in a very comprehensive manner."
"An excellent learning program (UN SDGs with concrete business cases) and every organization must take part in this course."
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Sustainable. | Development. | Goals. 

Level up your competence and get a clear understanding of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Businesses have a crucial role in realizing the SDGs so implementing them into the sustainability plans is important. With the real life examples from businesses we hope to inspire you on how your company or organization can contribute!  We have seven years to achieve the global goals so start learning today! 
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